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IP Office is a single, stackable, scalable small business communications system that grows with your business easily and cost-effectively. Built from the ground up specifically for small and midsize businesses, IP Office offers technical flexibility—it uses digital, analog, IP, or any combination of these—and resiliency.
IP Office includes new mobility features that help increase reachability for on-the-go employees. The system seamlessly integrates with today’s popular desktop applications to help improve a company's collaboration tools, ultimately increasing employee productivity and enhancing customer service.
IP Office is an award-winning small business communications system used by more than two million organizations worldwide. This communications solution is a proven investment:
Lower total cost of ownership 
IP Office offers nearly 25% lower TCO when compared with competitive systems, according to a 2010 Tolly Group report. Energy-saving desk phones deliver up to 60% more efficiency and Avaya customers can save up to 60% of their original investment when migrating to IP Office. In addition, the solution can reduce or eliminate conference calling fees with its built-in secure conference bridge.
Simplify system management
Use one solution to serve up to 1,000 users. Manage multiple sites from a single interface and leverage simplified drag and drop system management tools. Ensure that users get the communications features they need with automated role-based applications for mobile, office, and teleworker employees.
Deploy a flexible, hybrid solution
IP Office can operate as an all-IP solution, all-digital solution, or anything in between. It can interoperate with over two million Avaya systems worldwide while allowing you to leverage your existing network infrastructure.
Ensure resiliency
Take advantage of intelligent failover between sites, or for single location deployments, easily add a redundant server. Without the need for internal fans or hard drives, IP Office delivers a mean time between failures of 68 years.
Scale as you grow
IP Office can grow with you to support up to 1,000 users across 32 different sites. As your business needs evolve, add advanced unified communications or contact center capabilities. With our many partner relationships, you can also choose from over 170 innovative third-party software applications to enhance your solution deployment.
Enhance collaboration and productivity
Extend powerful UC capabilities to mobile devices. Take advantage of built-in conference calling features for up to 128 users while leveraging advanced communications capabilities such as instant messaging, presence, video chat, text-to-speech email reading, and call recording.

User Guides. PARTNER 
Partner Messaging IP Office 1 IP Office 2 
IP Office Voicemail
PARTNER telephones have a sleek, modern design and improved tactile feel complete with enhanced buttons and a new handset. There are different PARTNER telephone models to choose from, each available in either black or titanium white color: 6 button display, 18 button display and 34 button display. Additionally, the 48 button Call Assistant (CA48) is also available in black and titanium white.
1403 Phone User Guide

1. The Phone

1.1 Important Sa..f.e..t.y. 8
1.2 About LEDs..................................................................... 9
1.3 About Icons..................................................................... 10
1.4 About Pape..r. .L..a..b..e..l.s........................................................ 10
2. Basic Telephone Operation
2.1 Making a C.a..l.l................................................................. 12
2.2 Redialling a.. .N..u..m...b..e..r....................................................... 12
2.3 Answering .a.. .C..a..l.l............................................................ 12
2.4 Muting a Ca..l.l.................................................................. 13
2.5 Putting a C.a..l.l .o..n.. .H...o..l.d..................................................... 13
2.6 Transferrin.g.. a.. .C...a..l.l......................................................... 13
2.7 Conference.. .C..a..l.l.s............................................................ 14
2.8 Getting You..r. .M...e..s..s..a..g..e..s.................................................. 14
2.9 The Avaya .M...e..n..u............................................................. 15
Index ...............................................................................0

1403 Phone Page 5
IP Office 15-601013 Issue 03a (03 October 2011)
The Phone
Chapter 1.

1403 Phone Page 7
IP Office 15-601013 Issue 03a (03 October 2011)
The Phone:
1. The Phone
This guide covers the operation of 1403 telephone on a IP Office telephone system. Note that not all features described in
this user guide may be available on your telephone. If you find that a feature is not available, contact your system
1403 Phone Page 8
IP Office 15-601013 Issue 03a (03 October 2011)
Name Description
An illuminated red light in the upper-right corner of your phone indicates you have voicemail messages
waiting. If Visual Alerting is enabled, this light flashes when you receive an incoming call.
Avaya Menu Press the A button to access the Avaya menu. Press the A button twice to exit the Avaya menu. The
Avaya menu provides options that allow you to customize phone settings, select the display language,
view network information, and log out.
Redial Press Redial to dial the last number you dialed.
Hold Press Hold to put the active call on hold.
Conference Press Conference to add another party to an existing call.
Transfer Press Transfer to transfer a call to another number.
Drop Press Drop to drop the active call. While on a conference call, press Drop to drop the last person added
to the conference call.
Volume Press + or - on the volume button while active on the handset or speaker to adjust the volume. To
adjust the volume of the ringer, press + or - on the volume button while the handset and speaker are
Mute Press Mute to mute a call in progress. To take a call off mute, press Mute again.
Speaker Press Speaker to use the speakerphone. To take a call off speakerphone, lift the handset.
Buttons and
There are 3 buttons that can be programmed by the system administrator as either call appearance
buttons or feature buttons. Press a call appearance button to make or answer a call or resume a call on
hold. Press a labeled feature button to enable or disable that feature. Typically, two buttons are
administered as call appearance buttons and one button is administered as a feature button. The feature
button provides access to an Avaya call management system feature that has been administered for
your extension. The green LED next to the feature button indicates if the feature is currently on or off. If
the light is on, the feature is on.
1.1 Important Safety Information
· ! Warning: This handset may pickup small metal objects such as metal pins or staples.
· During a power surge, EFT or ESD, calls may be dropped. After a power surge, EFT or ESD, it is normal for the
phone to restart.
· Using a cell phone, mobile phone, GSM phone or two-way radio in close proximity to an Avaya telephone might
cause interference.
· The phone should not be connected directly to the outdoor telecommunication network.
1403 Phone Page 9
IP Office 15-601013 Issue 03a (03 October 2011)
The Phone: Important Safety Information
1.2 About LEDs
Each button has two LEDs, one green and one red, to indicate the status of the button. The status is identified by whether
the LED is turned on, off, or blinking as described in the following tables.
Table 1. Appearance Button LEDs
LED Description
Steady green Call appearance is active.
Slow blinking green Call appearance is ringing.
Fast blinking green Call appearance is on hold.
Very fast blinking green Conference or Transfer is pending.
Steady red Call appearance is selected and will be used when you go off-hook. It remains steady red
while you use the call appearance.
Off Call appearance is available.
Table 2. Feature Button LEDs
LED Description
Steady green Feature is active.
Blinking green Feature is pending (request is being processed and not immediately available).
Off Feature is not active.
1403 Phone Page 10
IP Office 15-601013 Issue 03a (03 October 2011)
1.3 About Icons
Icons are provided in the phone display to indicate the state of a call and navigation choices. The icons that appear in the
phone display are described in the following table.
Table 3. Icons in the Telephone Display
Icon Description
Call forward or Send All Calls is active. (These features are available if they have been administered for your
Incoming call is ringing.
Call is active.
Call is on hold.
Call is on soft hold (when using Conference or Transfer feature).
Conference is active.
Conference is on hold.
Scroll up or down for other options.
1.4 About Paper Labels
Next to each button is a paper label. The label identifies the feature that has been programmed on the button by your
system administrator. You can remove the labels if you want to change a label or write on a blank one. Printed labels are
also available for your telephone. See your system administrator for more information.
1403 Phone Page 11
IP Office 15-601013 Issue 03a (03 October 2011)
Basic Telephone Operation
Chapter 2.
1403 Phone Page 12
IP Office 15-601013 Issue 03a (03 October 2011)
2. Basic Telephone Operation
2.1 Making a Call
If you are not on a call, simply dial the number you want to call.
1. Lift the handset, press Speaker or press an available line button.
2. Dial the number you want to call.
2.2 Redialling a Number
Press Redial to call the last number dialed.
2.3 Answering a Call
When you receive an incoming call, the incoming call is usually selected automatically. However, if you are already on a
call or if you receive more than one incoming call at a time, you may need to select the call you want to answer manually.
Answer an incoming call in the following ways:
· If you are not on another call, lift the handset, or press the call appearance button whose green LED flashes for
the incoming call, or press Speaker to answer using the speakerphone.
· If you are on another call, press the call appearance button whose green LED flashes for the incoming call.
· If the Auto Hold feature is enabled by your system administrator, you can answer another call without first
putting an active call on hold. If Auto Hold is not enabled, you must put your active call on hold before
answering the incoming call; otherwise, you will drop the active call when you answer the other one.
1403 Phone Page 13
IP Office 15-601013 Issue 03a (03 October 2011)
Basic Telephone Operation: Answering a Call
2.4 Muting a Call
If a call is on mute and you switch between the handset, headset, or speakerphone, the mute will be turned off. When the
Mute button light is on, the call is muted.
1. Press the Mute button during a call so that the other person cannot hear you.
2. Press the Mute button again to unmute the call.
2.5 Putting a Call on Hold
1. Press Hold to put your active call on hold. The fast blinking green LED next to the call appearance button indicates
the call is on hold.
2. To resume the call, press the call appearance button to resume the call.
2.6 Transferring a Call
1. If the call you want to transfer is not your active call, press the call appearance button for the call you want to
2. Press Transfer.
· The very fast blinking green LED next to the call appearance button indicates the call is being transferred.
3. Dial the telephone number.
· To transfer the call to a call that is on hold, press the call appearance button for the call that is on hold.
4. Press Transfer again or hang up to complete the transfer.
1403 Phone Page 14
IP Office 15-601013 Issue 03a (03 October 2011)
2.7 Conference Calls
You can use conference calls to speak with up to three people in different locations on the same call. Additional
conferencing options may be available through Expanded Meet-Me Conferencing. Contact your system administrator for
more information about this feature.
Making a conference call
1. While active on a call, press Conference.
· Note: The very fast blinking green LED next to the call appearance button indicates the call is being conferenced.
2. Dial the telephone number.
3. Press Conference to add the person to the existing call.
Putting a conference call on hold
When you put a conference call on hold, the other parties can still talk to each other.
1. Press Hold during a conference call. The blinking green LED next to the call appearance button indicates the
conference is on hold.
2. To resume the call, press the call appearance button to resume the call.
Dropping a person from a conference call
1.While active on a conference call, press Drop.
2.Press # to drop the person shown, press * to view the next person.
2.8 Getting Your Messages
A red light on the upper right-hand corner of your telephone indicates when you have messages waiting. Your messages
are an administered function. Contact your system administrator with any questions.
Logging into your voice mail
1. To log in to your voice mail, follow the instructions provided by your system administrator.
2. Once you are logged in, follow the voice prompts from your voice mail system.
1403 Phone Page 15
IP Office 15-601013 Issue 03a (03 October 2011)
Basic Telephone Operation: Getting Your Messages
2.9 The Avaya Menu
You can use the Avaya Menu to adjust and customize phone settings, select the display language, view network settings,
and log out. To access the Avaya Menu, press the A button. To exit the Avaya Menu, press the A button twice.
A-Menu Option Description
Screen/Sounds Bright Adjust the display brightness.
Contrast Adjust the display contrast.
Ring Type Select the noise used for ringing.
Clicks Turn on or off the clicks heard when moving around the phone's menus.
Error Tones Turn on or off the error tone sometimes heard when using the phone's
Call Settings Visual Alert Turn on or off the flashing of the message lamp when an incoming call is
waiting to be answered.
Audible Alert Turn on or off the use of the audible ringer.
Advanced Language Select a language for the phone menus. The languages available will
depend on those installed.
Erase Options Reset all options to their defaults.
Erase Language Reset the phone back to the default language.
Self Test Put the phone into its self-test mode. All lights on the phone are lit and a

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