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Nortel BCM 450 Features:

  • High capacity: Supports up to 100 users with the base model - any mix - and up to 300 users with the new pluggable Capacity Expansion Card (CEC).

  • Operability: Several significant operability enhancements build upon a solid foundation, established by previous releases from the Business Communications Manager portfolio, including the Business Communications Manager 50 Release 3.0. Some of the key improvements include new capabilities for Business Element Manager that make the initial installation and ongoing management easier, new GUI-based System Reset and Reboot Optimization functions, and a comprehensive task-based Troubleshooting Guide for all operations on the Business Communications Manager system.

  • Simplified hardware platform: New Business Communications Manager hardware components, including the Base Function Tray (BFT), Chassis Interface Board (CIB) and Capacity Expansion Card (CEC), simplify installation, connectivity and expandability.

  • Robust business applications: The addition of Meet-Me Conferencing (MMC) and further enhancements made to Intelligent Contact Center (ICC) and Unified Messaging (UM) round out an already impressive suite of rich features and capabilities.

Nortel BCM 450 Specifications:

  • Media Bay Modules: Up to four

  • CPU Processor: Freescale (1.3GHz core)

  • Memory (RAM): 512MB DDR2 SDRAM

  • Hard Drive: 80GB SATA

  • DSP: 3 TI 600MHz DSPs

  • Capacity Expansion Card (optional): Expansion Daughter Card with 4 TI 600MHz DSPs

  • Power on self-test with LED feedback

  • Two System Status LEDs (Power and Status)

  • Three hard drive activity LEDs (HDD1, HDD2, RAID) (RAID LED not supported on BCM450 Rls. 1)

  • Reset button

  • Platform Status Monitor monitors CPU load, memory load, HDD space, temperature, fans, power, network throughput

  • BCM Monitor monitors overall system status, IP telephony functions, utilization of resources, operation of telephony applications and status of PRI, BRI and IP trunks

    BCM 50 main unit WITHOUT a router. 
    Includes  software, power supply and power cable, 3 RJ-45 Lan ports, and a dedicated OA&M port. 

    System is initially configured 0x0. By adding keycodes the main unit can be configured with up to:

    • 4 analog trunks
    • 12 digital stations
    • 4 analog stations
    • 32 IP stations
    • 12 IP trunks

    Up to 2 expansion units can be added which allow 1 media bay module each. These can be used to add digital stations, analog stations, digital trunking and/or analog trunking. 
    The BCM has 10 voicemail ports built in with 0 mailboxes. Voicemail boxes can be activated by keycodes (up to 1000) with 100 hours of storage time.

 The Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System (ICS) is a key system designed for growing small-to-medium businesses and is expandable up to 248 ports. Advanced integrated applications include voice messaging, unified messaging, digital networking, enhanced call centers and speech recognition. The Modular ICS can grow with your business through the addition of trunk and station modules as you need them.

                                                      USER GUIDES :                                        

T7316e    T7406    Norstar Voice-mail   feature codes 

T7208    1110     1120    1140
                                               USEFUL INFORMATION  
                            Norstar Meridian MICS/BCM Feature Codes
FEATURE 0 Speed Dial                                                 FEATURE 801 Call Queuing  
FEATURE 1 Send Message                                            FEATURE 802 Group Listen  
FEATURE 2 Ring Again
FEATURE 803 Display Date & Time 
FEATURE 2 Ring Again                                                 FEATURE 806 Static Date & Time On
FEATURE 3 Call Conference                                       FEATURE 811 Caller ID Info
FEATURE 4 Call Forward                                             FEATURE 812 View Call Log
FEATURE 5 Last No. Redial                                         FEATURE 813 Manual Call Log
FEATURE 60 Page-General                                         FEATURE 815 Deletes Call Log Items
FEATURE 61 Page-Sets                                                   FEATURE 819 ONN Blocking (CLID)
FEATURE 611 Page-Sets in Zone 1                            
FEATURE #Feature Code Cancels a Feature
FEATURE 62 Page-External Speakers                   FEATURE *0 Button Inquiry
FEATURE 63 Page-All                                                     FEATURE *1 Programs External Autodial Key
FEATURE 64(=LP Code) Line Pool                             FEATURE *2 Programs Autodial Key
FEATURE 65 View Message                                          FEATURE *3 Programs Feature Key
FEATURE 66 Voice Call                                                  FEATURE *4 Program Speed Dial FEATURE 67 Save No.
FEATURE 68 Class of Service                                      FEATURE *6 Ring Type                          
                                                                                                     FEATURE *7 Contrast of Display
FEATURE 69 Priority Call                                            FEATURE *80 Ringer Volume
FEATURE 70 Transfer                                                     FEATURE *81 Move Lines
FEATURE 71 Link                                                               FEATURE *82 Dialing Mode
FEATURE 74 Call Park
FEATURE 75 Group Pickup                                           FEATURE *84 Call Log
FEATURE 76 Directed Pickup                                      FEATURE *85 Assign Call Log Password
FEATURE 77 Call Duration Timer                           FEATURE *89 Release
FEATURE 78 Dialing Pause 
FEATURE 79 Exclusive Hold
FEATURE 82 Call Camp
FEATURE 83 Privacy on Lines
FEATURE 980 VM Leave Message                                FEATURE 84 Redirected Line
FEATURE 981 VM Open Mailbox                                  FEATURE 85 Do Not Disturb
FEATURE 982 VM Operator Feature                         FEATURE 86 Background Music on Speaker
FEATURE 983 VM Administration                             FEATURE 871 Services - Ringing
FEATURE 984 VM Forward Caller to mailbox      FEATURE 872 Services - Restriction
FEATURE 985 VM Voicemail DN Inquiry                FEATURE 873 Services - Routing
FEATURE 986 VM Transfer Caller to Mailbox
FEATURE 88 Block Voice Call
FEATURE 989 VM Call Recording (Callpilot)

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